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Sustainable Travel

The Lost Compass

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Hello, I'm Deb Lace-Kelly, and thanks for tagging along!

The Lost Compass is a sustainable travel project that honours nature, conservation, local people, explorers, story-tellers & history.

The goal is to connect people and organizations working within sustainable travel,

& to connect travellers with exciting travel opportunities all over the world.

Together we do wonderful things for the environment, for animals, for people, and for our sense of adventure!  

The Lost Compass collaborates with sustainable travel providers.

Whether your compass clearly shows your true north, or it is a bit water-logged and foggy, 

The Lost Compass will provide you an opportunity to explore on your own, and also collaborate with us too!

I am excited to have earned the (GSTC) Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s

Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism, in November 2020.

I am grateful that you are here and look forward to sharing your travel story!

Butterfly - Costa Rica.jpeg
Hampton Court - 1997.jpeg
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