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Going Beyond History – Natural Greece!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

See Greece Behind the Scenes & Support Nature Conservation Too!

Bird watching before the Acropolis? Bear tracking after Delphi? Turtle sanctuary on the way to the Temple of Poseidon?

You know Greece for its rich culture and history, and its classically stunning Mediterranean islands, but local tour operator, Natural Greece wants you to know it by its wildlife too! Perhaps it’s obvious to say, but Greece’s natural history is, well, old! Its caves, volcanos, stone forests, mountains, gorges, cliffs, natural lagoons, and waterfalls are even older than its Mycenaean palaces and its temples to the gods.

You can step away from the crowds and explore a little known fact: Greece has thousands of species of wildlife and fauna on its mainland and its many islands. Bears, birds, wildflowers, butterflies, turtles, seals, dolphins - Natural Greece offers a variety of tours, eco-adventures, and volunteer opportunities to give you an authentic and uniquely Greek experience.

First and foremost Natural Greece puts its integrity where its pitch is – and donates at least 10% of its profits back into conservation projects and Greek wildlife charities. Its tours are led by local biology, botany and marine experts and custom organized for you by Chantel Beuvink-Kyriakopoulou, founder and nature travel specialist. I have had the great opportunity to be connected with Chantel over this past year, and her natural enthusiasm and genuine sense of fun makes you want to go along with any one of her team guides, for an exceptional and unforgettable travel experience. A quick perusal of the Natural Greece website will give you a glimpse into the wide variety of tours, and I challenge you to try and pick just one! A tour operator that has a Conservation tab on its website dedicated to Greece’s conservation and educational efforts speaks volumes about its commitment to the quality of your experience. Natural Greece is committed to upholding three values of sustainability: Collaboration, Resilience, and Conservation.

Start dreaming about your next Greece adventure - the Natural Greece tours are already perfect for a post-covid travel world: small group tours mean life-enriching, personalized trips, and genuine experiences – and who doesn’t want that?

Can you imagine, sailing the Aegean Sea and learning bio-diversity hands-on as you go? It’s a curious wanderer’s dream come true!

Photos courtesy of Natural Greece

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