• Deb Lace-Kelly

Hidden Lemur

The Lost Compass has found the Hidden Lemur! Through my explorations over this travel-restricted year I've been so lucky to have connected with a like-minded sustainable travel platform - Hidden Lemur. Partnering with HL as Associate Editor to some wonderful writers I help produce our Feature Experiences section, that shines a light on locally-run travel businesses and conservation organizations around the world whose missions we believe in.

Travel that matters!

This has been my goal with The Lost Compass from the beginning: partnerships and collaboration that builds up! Builds up: people, wildlife, history and culture, through travel. Please stay tuned to The Lost Compass because as travel opens up so will TLC's story telling (when the editorial creativity at Hidden Lemur allows the time, lol).

TLC remains active on Insta @TheLostCompassDebLace and Twitter @TheLostCompass1 hilighting and showcasing great travel news. Hidden Lemur's founder, Conor Armor is an awesome advocate for sustainable travel and you'll love the unique stories being cultivated.

Please check us out: HiddenLemur.com

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