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Finca Kobo - decadent Costa Rica rainforest chocolate

Rainforest. Tropical garden. Exotic fruit. These all sound like words to describe Eden. Then add chocolate! The organic farm is called Finca (farm in Spanish) Kobo, in Costa Rica. It's halfway down the Osa Peninsula, on the Southern Pacific coast. It's hot and humid - perfect conditions for growing cacao flowers, whose seeds (cocoa beans) make chocolate. The farm's goal is crop diversity which makes it a perfect hike for a voracious food lover. When a farmer guides you around with a very large knife and really wants you to try every delicious thing he grows, well its a dream come true really. Watching baby chocolate get blended through a grinder, while macaws of the most stunning reds and blues watch you jealously, seems fantasy enough. But then at the end of the day, you are sliced an unbelievable wedge of finished chocolate, served with pineapple, watermelon, and chocolate sauce, and you realize, it is Eden.

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